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Pet Throws For Furniture

pet throws for furniture

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pet throws for furniture - Sure Fit

Sure Fit Furniture Friend Black Loveseat Protector

Sure Fit Furniture Friend Black Loveseat Protector

Sure Fit Furniture Friend Black Loveseat ProtectorNow it's okay for your best friend to be on the furniture with our Sure Fit Furniture Friend Loveseat Protector. One piece pet covers simply drape over your furniture and protect the seat, back and arms from pet wear and tear. Our Furniture Friend Loveseat Protectors are made from soft cotton material and help keep your furniture safe from claws and paws. Thick quilted material protects couches from claw marks, stains and pet hair. When the Furniture Friend Loveseat Protector gets dirty or needs cleaning simply toss in the washer for easy, hassle free cleaning. The Furniture Friend Loveseat Protector is an affordable way to save your sofa from wear and tear. The classic black color will look great in any household and fits most standard size loveseats.For the best fit: Outside arm to arm guidelines should be between 58"-73". Seat width: 48" X 37".

80% (8)

Shihlin Night Market ??? : Duck tongue ?? - My only take-away from Shihlin Night Market ????

Shihlin Night Market ??? : Duck tongue ?? - My only take-away from Shihlin Night Market ????

Honestly, I was only keen in taking photos of the assorted braised meat & organs at the stall initially but my "impromptu" tour guide told me proudly that this was Andy Lau's favourite snack whenever he visited Taiwan & that I got to try it.

Out of curiosity, I did. Had problem figuring out how to eat it at first so after biting off bits of meat off the first one clumsily, I kept the rest in my haversack, only to be given a bag of braised chicken backsides - a treat from my super hospitable guide. Not something new to me cos I'd tried the deep-fried version at Keelung (And mind you, it really taste heavenly if you would juz throw that "but it's the backside!!!" thought out of the window).

I finished the whole pack of chicken backsides gamely. Not too bad thgh it's a little cold. Couldn't beat the deep-fried version.^^

I finished the leftover of the duck tongues in my hotel room after taking these 3 shots that night. :) Not too bad actually thgh I think I got a little soar throat the next morning from these (too heaty, I guess). But hey, I'm here in Taiwan to satisfy my curiosity about all the weird food that I've always seen on TV. Cheerio ;P

Shihlin Night Market ????:

Take Metro to Jiantan Exit 2 (Danshui Line)

Bus from Taipei Main Station : 61/203/216/218/220/224/250/260/266/277/279/280/285/287/ 290/304/310/508/606/633/634/102/109

(alight Jiantan MRT Stnt or Siao Bei St; between end of Wunlin Rd, Jihe Rd & Jhongshan North Rd)

cheaper than stores, special areas for clothing/furniture/photo shops/pet shops/finery shops & cold dessert shops in "lover's lane", - centered on Yangmin Theatre & Tsicheng Temple, many prosperous shops on Wenlin Rd/Datung Rd/Danan Rd etc, huge areas (turning lanes and alleys)

large pancake enfolding small pancake, hot pot on stone, Shihlin sausage, fried squid, assorted chopped ice, oyster noodle, steak, hot stuffed dumplings, sliced noodles, lever soup, squid thick soup, oyster omelets, knife-sliced noodles, pork kidney soup, Kaohsiung meat balls, tomatoes in ginger juice, Dongshan duck heads, frogs-laying-eggs, stir-fried squids, chili-sauce dumplings

Highly recommended by me:

(‘Snowflake’ shaved milk ice, more than 20 toppings)

Another night market planned for but missed:


TAke metro ( Bannan (Blue) line) to Longshan Temple stnt & walk to Huasi Street

Bus: 0 West, 24, 25, 38, 49, 62, 65, 231, 233, 245, 263, 264, or 265 to Longshan Temple stop

Address: 1 Huaxi St,Taipei

- between Xiyuan Rd n Huanhe S. Rd, near Longshan Temple, together with other markets on Guangjou Street, Wujou Street and Shichen Street

- most famous tour night market; Chinese traditional lamps at entrance n along street, old, historical shops; food stalls, foot massage clinics, top tourist attractn, about 2 to 3 snake shops that demonstrate snake processing and snake fights at nights (large crowd)

FOOD: regional snacks, meat stew, eel noodles, shrimp in wine, snake dishes & wine, pot-edged pancake soup, salty rice pudding, fresh water turtle meal, seafood

RECOMMENDED: tansi noodle restaurant (traditional, Jap tourists’ fav), meat soup, squid soup, snake shops, dishes w Chinese medi(winter)

SHOPPING: WANHUA CLOTHING AREA (recommedned by locals)

- behind fire stnt across temple. Wkdays,office hours only, clothes – many sizes

Yet another night market (I gave it a pass during the planning stage due to time constraint) :

- between Xinyi Rd, Sec. 4 & Keelung Rd, Sec. 2;

- cuttlefish stew, red-blossom sausage, beancurd, bowl rice, vermicelli in soup



I cannot believe I got a Polaroid. I can't I can't I can't. Jesus. Oh my god. And it was $5. Dreams do come true. I also asked my cousin if he had one that he didn't want/use and I was like can I buy/have it? Then we had a discussion about camera and developing film and whatnot. But that was Sunday, not Saturday.
Adriana: I want my own dark room! [to develop pictures, duh]
Eric: Then just turn off the light.
Adriana: HAHA!
Juan: [to me]Hah, that's something your mom would say.
Anyways, I spent a fun day with my mom. It started off bright and early and she was like call the vet to see if we can take the dogs to get their shots. So we call and it's gonna cost like a trillion dollars. Whatever. Acting like we're made of money, we start getting ready. I try to find the leashes and I can't. I look all over the fucking place and cannot find them. Mom gets mad because I "always throw everything around." Whatever. So we go to Walmart and places and then we see the Walgreens over there and they have low cost pet vaccinations. Aren't we lucky ducks?! Zero and Precious aren't used to being around other dogs. They were the loudest there :/ haha so then we go and drop them off to see if we can make it to the 3:05 showing of Iron Man. We get there and it's sold out. So we get popcorn and eat it in the car, then go to this other garage sale. Next we go to QuikTrip and I find these awesome quesadillas and mom gets a hot dog for her and grandma :/ blegggh. We drive back to the movie parking lot and we wait til the next showing, 4:40, and it's only like 3:59. So we sit there and she tries to sleep but then I tell her a movie idea and she never falls asleep lawlz. We go into the theater and get the best seats. We still get to see the little stuff that's before the previews. The movie was so good! Then afterward, we go to her friend's house and help her move her new furniture in. Then we watch videos on immigration and how Mexicans sneak into this country. We laughed but it was horrible, ya know? We went home, I took this picture and then I don't remember the rest while I'm typing this on Sunday night. I have to still edit my Sunday 365 picture. GREAT! BANANAS! Oh, and we dropped off my film today at Walgreens but the fuckers were like "ohh we're out of the paper so they'll be ready tomorrow." I was like "how the fuck do you run out of photo paper?!??!! IT'S WALGREENS, NOT SOMEONE'S BASEMENT!" So now I have to wait a hole nother day. Whoa, whoa whoa. I've had it ready since Friday but the guy was like "we have a sale on Sunday so would you rather drop it off then." You know my mom and sales. In case you don't, let me draw you an equation to show you the relation.
No sale on item=mom won't buy it.
Hah so yeah. Walgreens, I swear to God, I've had enough of your shittt.

pet throws for furniture

pet throws for furniture

Cozy Pet Couch Cover - Grey, 72"W - Frontgate

Guards your furniture’s cushions, arms, and back from damage while offering your pet a plush place to nap. ultra-soft, quilted cover is a water-resistant microvelvet fabric. High-lofting polyester fill and a plush bolster pillow provide added comfort. To clean, simply remove the bolster and toss the cover in the washing machine. Protect your sofas, chairs, and couches around your home with Cozy Pet Covers that pamper your pet with softness. These versatile, machine washable covers are a perfect solution for dog owners torn between their love of seeing Fido blissfully asleep on the couch, and keeping their furniture in pristine condition. Guards your furniture's cushions, arms, and back from damage while offering your pet a plush place to nap. Ultra-soft, quilted cover is a water-resistant microvelvet fabric . . . Imported.

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