Apartment Dining Furniture

apartment dining furniture

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apartment dining furniture - Dining Furniture

Dining Furniture Set with Drop Leaf Table and 4 Oak Stain Chairs

Dining Furniture Set with Drop Leaf Table and 4 Oak Stain Chairs

A new wood dining set with a oak stain finish made of solid wood and handy drop leaf. Versatile table that folds up when you need a smaller table or opens up to seat more people. Drop leaf on both sides which lets you push the table out of the way when not in use. This is a great complete dining set at an affordable price! The set comes complete with wood table and four wood chairs. Drop Leaf Table: 40" Round Oak Windsor Chair: 36" Tall When sides are down: 24" Across * Oak Finish * Drop Leaf Table * Table & 4 Chairs

78% (12)

Ella Dining Table

Ella Dining Table

Z Gallerie
SKU# 999016321
Price $495.00 $399.99
This elegant dining table is constructed of select Asian hardwood, engineered wood, and Ash wood veneer. Stained in a rich dark color with a semi-gloss lacquer finish. Finishes are all applied in a multi-step process. Assembly required. Imported.
Dimensions: 54''D x 31''H

ikea granas dining table

ikea granas dining table

Alan's not a huge fan of glass furniture, but this one has a shelf underneath where you can put coffeetable books and stuff, so that's kinda cool.

apartment dining furniture

apartment dining furniture

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